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Meat Prices by type and cut

Information regarding the price of meat has long been a mystery. Market information is hard to come by unless you were a farmer and bought direct from the farm.

Here we offer a summary of the latest prices and analysis for Sydney red meat, chicken (poultry), lamb and pork markets.

Check back to this page for updates about the price of meat across the entire range of products. 

Beef Prices

The price of beef ranges depending on the cut:

  1. Beef Chuck: This cut is typically on or behind the neck of the cow and is great to use in casseroles and slow cookers by virtue of the way that it breaks down when prepared over many hours. Chuck prices range from $11/kg through to $15/kg depending on quality. 
  2. Beef Rib: This cut is usually more expensive and is often sold as a "roast". Prices for a rib roast range from $38/kg to $45/kg by the time they reach supermarket shelves. 
  3. Sirloin: This cut of beef is very popular and is often found by meat connoisseurs to be a preferred cut due to its tenderness. The price of sirloin ranges from $30/kg to $50/kg depending on whether the cut is from the bottom sirloin, top sirloin or tenderloin (the most succulent cut of all).  
  4. Beef Shank: Shank is less popular than lamb shank and are typically purchased individually for between $2 and $5 each.  

Lamb Prices

While we put our children to sleep with nursery rhymes featuring Mary and her little lamb, the real story about the Lamb centres on its role on our dinner plates. 

Lamb is a wonderful product packed full of flavour. Lamb and sheep are one of the few livestock animals raised for meat today that have rarely been raised in a confined animal feeding operation and are given special diets in many cases to increase the flavour profile. 

The price of lamb varies hugely: 

  1. Leg of Lamb: Lamb leg ranges in price from $10 per kilo to $15 per kg depending on the diet and quality of the lamb. 
  2. Lamb Shoulder: The shoulder of the lamb costs anywhere from $12/kg to $17 per kilo with grain fed lamb generally commanding a higher price. 
  3. Backstrap: Lamb backstrap prices vary from $18 per kilo through to $22 per kilo for organic, grain fed varieties. 
  4. Lamb Cutlets: Lamb chops or cutlets range from $30 through to $60 per kilo and are best cooked on the barbecue or pan fried. An average 220 gram serving usually contains 4 cutlets. 
  5. French Rack: A french rack of lamb is up there in levels of sophistication and many families pull out this cut for a "special occasion" or Friday night family dinner. Pasture Fed free range french racks cost $40-45 per kilo. 
  6. Lamb Loin: The loin of the lamb is a popular cut of meat and prices range from $40 through to $50/kg. 
  7. Shanks: Lamb shanks are often sold individually costing $4 through to $6 each. Hind shanks are the most favoured variety of shank as they are less sinewy and cook faster than forequarter shanks. They are a perfect cut for oven baking and slow cooking.

Chicken (and Poultry) Prices

Chicken is a family staple and the price of chicken varies depending on how the chicken is raised and its general welfare before it finds its way to our dinner plate. 

  1. Chicken Breast: Tender and delicious, chicken breasts are great for all types of dishes and range in price from $6 to $15 per kilo with free range and cage free chicken breasts commanding higher prices
  2. Chicken Drumsticks: Chicken drumsticks are great with honey and teriyaki drizzled over them during the cooking process. The price of drumsticks once again ranges from $3/kg to $10/kg with free range chickens costing more. 
  3. Chicken Mince: From $3/kg to $20/kg depending on the quality. 
  4. Thigh: Chicken thigh packages are priced between $7/kg through to $30/kg with organic free range costing more. 
  5. Whole chicken: Many families enjoy preparing a whole chicken. Prices for a whole chicken range from $15/kg to $25/kg for organic chickens. The price per kilo is usually around $5-8/kilo.
  6. Chicken Wings: Chicken wing prices vary from $3/kg to $6/kg depending an whether the chickens are cage free or not. 
  7. Spatchcocks: While not part of the chicken genus, spatchcocks are increasing in popularity and cost anywhere from $12 per kilo to $15 per kilo
  8. Quail: An expensive choice for the dinner plate, quail is a delicacy that fetches upwards of $50 per kilo, particularly if the quail is filleted. 

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