Home Delivery Fruit

Home Delivery Fruit

Which one should you choose canned fruits or fresh fruits? Canned fruits have added sugars while fresh fruits contain more fibre. The additives in canned goods are used in improving its flavour and at the same time preserving its freshness. Canned goods are most likely expensive compared to the fresh ones. That is why most people choose home delivery fruit rather than buying canned fruits.

Added Sugars

Added sugars are very essential in canned fruits so that the quality of the fruit will be enhanced. Most people prefer to buy canned goods as they taste more sweet and at the same time only taking less effort to prepare. But without the added sugar, this would not be possible. If you are following a strict diet then the best option is to buy fresh home delivery fruit.


Do canned fruits still contain fibre after it is preserved? Canned fruits have less fibre compared to fresh fruits. The reason behind this is because the skin of the fruit is taken off so that the fruit can be preserved for a longer period. Fibre can help in reducing the risk of gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, heart disease and other type of illnesses. If you are currently suffering from these ailments then you should purchase fresh fruits.

Fresh Fruit

When you eat fruits that are not fresh then you will not be able to obtain its nutritional value. Fresh fruits contain more nutrients compared to canned fruits.  Most of the healthiest fruits are available at Harris Farm Markets. We also offer home delivery fruit. We have a huge variety of fruits such as organic Gala apple (2kg pack), Reed avocado, large bananas (5 in a bunch) ready to eat and others.