Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

It is very important that we should include fruits and vegetables in our diet as it is very beneficial to our health, as an essential part of a balanced diet.  It is recommended that we should eat at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables each day so that we can prevent any health issues, such as cancer, at the same time improving the health of your heart.  According to several studies, eating vegetables and fruits can help you in managing your weight, enhancing your health and it can also extend your life.  However, there are still some people who cannot accomplish the recommended 5 servings daily.

Increase Your Intake of Fruits and Vegetables

As a start to this process, you can drink fresh fruit juice instead of coffee before taking your breakfast providing you with the energy that you need to start your day. Try adding some dried fruits or fresh fruits to your cereal or sandwiches.  Try eating fresh fruits or increase your vegetable consumption by preparing a salad. Harris Farm Markets provide great online recipes for salad easily accessible to all users here. It would be much better if you can learn how to prepare your vegetable dishes rather than eating out.

How to Order

Harris Farm Markets can deliver your Fresh Fruit and Vegetables directly to your home or office. Click here for more information on how to order. Harris Farm Markets deliver items such as delicious apples, avocados, organic banana, bunches of Asparagus and bunches of broccolini.