Fruit Vegetables

Fruit Vegetables

Fruit vegetables are rich in nutrients but unfortunately some people hardly ever include them in their meals. A balanced diet should include fruits and vegetables.


By eating yellow fruit vegetables, you can obtain Vitamin A. All types of fruits contain Vitamin C such as lemons and oranges. Fruits and vegetables are great antioxidants which can provide us protection against infections and diseases.

Different Varieties

There are various kinds of fruit vegetables in your local grocery stores. Not having the time to travel to your local supermarket, the best alternative would be to order them online. Another alternative would be planting your own vegetables in your backyard. It is more convenient and at the same time you can also save some money. You can choose the fruit or vegetables you want to plant.


There are a variety of ways to prepare your fruit vegetables.  You can prepare a vegetable soup or make a vegetable or fruit salad. It is preferable to use fresh fruits and vegetables as they contain more nutrients. Some vegetables can also be eaten raw. You can choose between organic and non-organic fruits and vegetables. It is preferable to choose organic produce as they are fresh and rich in nutrients, also tasting better than non-organic produce. When it comes to freshness, Harris Farm Markets is the company that you can trust. We have organic fruits such as organic Gala apples (2kg pack), organic Kiwis (6 pack), organic avocados (4 pack) and others. We also have organic vegetables such as organic celery sticks (400g pack), organic beetroot (500g), prepack organic roquette (120g) and others.