Fruit & Veg Wholesalers

Fruit & Veg Wholesalers

Some people who are desperate in losing weight would resort to the quicker way in obtaining it such as having surgery. However, there are other ways in order to achieve quicker results in losing weight. The most important thing to do is to follow certain guidelines and practice self-discipline.

Eat Fruits as Snacks

As a start, you can start eating fruits as snacks instead of having those crisps. There are fruit & veg wholesalers which can sell you their fresh produce for cheaper prices. Instead of eating ice cream why don’t try something healthier such as a yoghurt? By following these simple changes in your diet, you can reduce a lot of calories without even noticing it.


One of the most popular ways of losing weight is to make smoothies. This is a healthier choice than having some sugary snacks. Smoothies are made up of fruits and vegetables which are blended together. You can make a smoothie by using a blender or a smoothie maker. Purchase your fresh fruits and vegetables now at fruit & veg wholesalers so that you can start making your smoothies.

Smoothies vs. Juices

Smoothies can provide you with more health benefits compared to juices. This is because when you make a smoothie, you will include the whole fruit. On the other hand, fruit juices do not include the whole fruit but only its juice. Smoothies contain fibre which comes from the whole fruit. Fibre can help our digestive system to function properly. Fruit & veg wholesalers such as Harris Farm Markets can deliver your fresh produce to your home or office. You can try some of our products including a Granny Smith apple, Reed avocado, black American grapes (min 1kg), brussel sprouts (300g pack), Tuscan cabbage (whole) and a lot more.