Fruit Delivery

Fruit Delivery

Fruits are fresh and natural.  Aside from being delicious, it can also provide us with vitamins and minerals and other essential nutrients, also containing enzymes and fiber. Fruits are also considered as the best source of energy. Fruit delivery is ideal for people who can’t go to the market to buy their fruits.

Buy Organic Fruits

It is preferable to buy organic fruits as they are free from chemicals, which these chemicals that are used in fruits can be harmful to our health. Organic fruits may cost more compared to non-organic fruits but you can get your money’s worth as it is the best quality. Organic fruit delivery tastes better and has more nutrients. You can purchase organic fruits online at Harris Farm Markets. We sourced our organic products directly from farmers.

Best Way of Eating Fruits

It is best to eat fruits when your stomach is still empty so that it can be digested right away, for instance, eating fruits between meals. Fruits should be complemented with green vegetables in order to balance its acidity. Try adding some parsley on your fruit salad. When preparing a fruit smoothie, mix it with fresh spinach. Fruit delivery service is becomes a great advantage for people who are handicapped or are in the older/working class.

Fruits Cannot Make You Fat

Some people have the misconception that they gain more weight if they eat fruits. They key is to eat in moderation, for example drinking fruit juice which is 100% natural. When you buy organic fruits, choose the ones which you can afford. At Harris Farm Markets, we sell organic Fuji apples (2kg pack), organic bananas (500g pack), organic kiwis (6 pack), organic avocados (4 pack), organic Pink Lady apples (1kg pack) and many more.