Fruit Delivered

Fruit Delivered

Each season offers different varieties of fruits and gives everyone the chance to taste different selections of fruits; however, customers find it hard to select the best fruit in the market.  If you do not wish to visit the market to purchase seasonal fruits then you can go online.  Fruit delivered to your doorstep can be very convenient as customers don’t have to travel to the market and take part in the process of finding time in ones busy schedule to do the groceries. The key advantage to shopping online is the ability to make choices in the flexibility and comfort of your home.

Why order online?

At Harris Farm Markets, we hand-pick and pack your order carefully in boxes and deliver to your door in the most convenient time for you. It is not just convenient for you, it is in fact environmentally friendly too. Saving plastic bags as well as the fuel in your car is some of the many reasons you should order online with Harris Farm Markets. We have expert packers picking and packing your order ensuring that you get the best and freshest quality products right to your doorstep. 

Where to Order

Purchasing fresh fruits from Harris Farm Markets comes with a guarantee that your fruit delivered has the best quality. Click here for info on our delivery system. We offer different types of apples such as organic gala apples, pink lady apples, granny smith apples, jazz apples and many more. Browse through our range of fruits, vegetables, fridge and pantry items, groceries and a range of organic fruits and vegetables. 


Harris Farm Markets has been in the business for more than 40 years.  Family owned and operated, the company has been serving more than 11,000,000 customers Australia wide.  The founders of the company, David and Cathy Harris, make sure that their customers receive fresh fruit delivered to their doorstep with the best quality and service provided.