Fruit and Veg

Fruit and Veg

Each of us needs five portions of fruit and veg each day. Fruits and vegetables have low calories and are also rich in water. This means that it is perfect for people who want to lose weight. Since fruits contain natural sugars then you can avoid eating those sweet snack bars. You will not have cravings for more sweet foods any more and not have to worry about obtaining more calories.

Fresh Fruit and Veg

There are tremendous benefits that you can obtain from eating fruits and vegetables. However, it is quite difficult to search for the freshest produce. Sometimes when we shop at grocery stores, we can find that the fruit and veg are already damaged.

Ordering Online

You can order your fresh fruit and veg online so that you can enjoy eating them right away. Fresh fruits are easy to obtain at Harris Farm Markets as we are sourcing our products directly from growers. We have a huge variety of fresh fruits and vegetables that are available all year. Some of the fruits that we offer include large rockmelon, pomegranite, sweet topless pineapple, Nashi pear and others. We also offer fresh vegetables such as organic celery sticks (400g pack), loose corn each and others.

Preservation of Fruit and Veg

There are different ways of preserving and storing your fruits and vegetables. Sometimes you can store them in a can or a jar. Preserving the foods may lower the amount of nutrients; however, when carrots, sweet potatoes and other canned vegetables are processed they contain more phytochemicals. This means that you can get more protection against life threatening diseases such as heart disease, cancer and others.