Fresh fruit and vegetable

Fresh fruit and vegetable

People who are health conscious choose to buy fresh fruit and vegetables. When buying your fruits and vegetables from grocery stores, you always make a point to examine them carefully.There are certain things which can help us determine if the fruit is still good or if it is already bad, such as the colour, smell and the firmness.

Different Varieties of Preparation

Assuring that you buy fresh fruit and vegetable, preparing them is also necessary. Incorporating fruits and vegetables into your daily diet in many ways ensures that a large part of daily nutrient needs are fulfilled.The way that you prepare your fruits and vegetables will determine the amount of nutrients extracted. The best way of acquiring more vitamins from your fruits and vegetables is to eat them raw or extract it's juice with pulp included (for fibre). Peeling the skin of some fresh fruit and vegetable can destroy its nutrients. For instance, the skin of apples  has more nutrients than it's core.

Should Be Eaten Raw

The best way of getting the most vitamins and minerals from fresh fruit and vegetable is to eat them raw. Over cooking the vegetables reduces the amount of nutrients. Harris Farm Markets provides the finest fruits and vegetables with the most affordable prices. We sell different kinds of vegetables such as baby corn (115g pack), cucumber telegraph, purple eggplant and so much more.