Buy Groceries Online

All around Australia, families are battling it out in residential shopping malls, circling carparks, fighting with the kids and generally being inconvenienced in order to complete the weekly shop.

Families have said its because the fruit and veg are fresher when you buy in store which is why they persist with the old fashioned way of buying groceries. But not anymore. 


Enter Harris Farm Online

Harris Farm is proud to announce is biggest innovation in years. We have brought our high quality, "going to the farm" experience online. We have dedicated enormous resources, expert pickers and packers and our freshest, tastiest fruit, veg, pantry, cheese, meat, lamb, fish and chicken to deliver a "Wow" experience to you every time you shop online and buy your groceries with us.


Why buy groceries online with Harris Farm?

We have the best groceries you can buy online and pride ourselves on our convenient 1 hour delivery windows. So you can shop in the morning and have dinner sorted in the evening. Buy groceries at lunch and our delivery driver turns up in the evening. Its too convenient. You don't need to drive to us, we'll drive to you. 

And our pickers and packers are instructed to select the absolute freshest ingredients and groceries they can to ensure you are absolutely delighted with the fine selection of groceries that turn up at your door. 


How do the 1 hour delivery windows work?

We have a warehouse in a convenient location that waits for your order to come in. At that point, we pack it in recycled cardboard boxes to reduce our carbon footprint. Our driver will be waiting with the key in the ignition and then we're away. We make sure to keep to the speed limit, but within the constraints of the law our singular objective is to get your groceries into your fridge at home as fast as we can. 

Imagine being able to dream up a recipe for tonight's dinner, shop online and have the ingredients on your prep table by dinner time. The impossible dream is now a reality with Harris Farm Online. 


Do you only sell fruit and veg?

Many of our customers still think Harris Farm Markets only sell fruit and veg. That was very last year. You can now purchase products for the kitchen like detergent and hand soap to make your life easier. 

And when you think Harris Farm, its ok to think fruit and veg too. Our family business was created on that foundation and the quality of the fruit and veg is what keeps customers coming back. Its ripe, fresh, tasty and delivered to your home, on time! That's the best part!

We have also started stocking organic groceries as we become more health conscious and we are also on top of the latest superfood trends. Check out our recipes for kale for example. 

So what are you waiting for? Browse our website, stock your cart and starting buying groceries online with Harris Farm today. We look forward to delighting you so that when your shop arrives at your door, you unpack the groceries and say "Wow".


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