Gunning Bum Nuts Free Range Eggs x12 700g

$7.49 ea
  • Gunning Bum Nuts Free Range Eggs x12 700g
  • Gunning Bum Nuts Free Range Eggs x12 700g

Gunning Bum Nuts - Eggs Free Range (700g)

Gunning Bum Nuts is a family owned and run business that started with 50 chickens and are continuing to grow to meet the increasing demand for our free range eggs.

  • Our chickens are true free range, they have access to pasture all day, every day and are rotated through paddocks free of chemicals.  They also have access to fresh rain water in enclosed tanks, this is to ensure the chickens can’t foul up the water.
  • We have a very stringent Food Safety and cleaning program for hygienic and safe handling of eggs to ensure there is no risk of salmonella or cross contamination.
  • Our roosting sheds have mesh floors so the chooks fertilise the paddock as we move them through the paddock as part of our Biodynamic farming practices.  The sheds also use solar panels to operate the doors and timers to reduce our carbon footprint.
  • We don’t wash our eggs because quite simply, we don’t have too!  Our eggs are clean and washing removes the natural protective bloom surrounding the egg exposing it to bacteria and reducing its shelf life.

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