Roast Pumpkin Soup


Stay warm this weekend with a spicy take on a winter classic. Make a batch to get you through the week.

Roast Pumpkin Soup


Half a Jap pumpkin

1 red onion - finely sliced

2 cloves of garlic finely sliced

1 tablespoon of ground cumin

Salt and pepper

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Chilli flakes

1 long red chilli - deseeded and diced

10 parsley leaves- finely sliced

Finely grated Parmesan

Chicken Stock



  1. Preheat oven to 220c
  2. Cut pumpkin into wedges with removing the skin
  3. Season pumpkin wedges with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper.
  4. Roast pumpkin in oven until golden brown and soft to touch.
  5. In a pot caramelize the onion, garlic, cumin, red chilli, dry chilli with some salt and pepper. Set aside until the pumpkin is cooked.
  6. When the pumpkin is ready, place into pot with onions, add 1 cup of stock to your roasting tray, scraping any leftovers into the pot. Season to taste.
  7. To serve ladle into bowls, top with parsley, Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Parmesan



Recipes thanks to Alex Kearns, Executive Chef, Glebe Point Diner

Ingredients for Roast Pumpkin Soup

Pumpkin Jap Cut (piece)

$3.29 ea

Pumpkin Jap Whole (each)

$8.24 ea

Onions Spanish (each)

$0.57 ea

Garlic (head)

$1.12 ea

Garlic (250g)

$3.99 ea

Spice & Co (50g) Cumin Ground

$2.99 ea

G Grinder Black Pepper 50g

$3.49 ea

G Grinder Sea Salt 95g

$3.49 ea

Spice & Co (60g) Chillies Crushed

$2.99 ea

Chillies Hot Long Red (min 110g)

$3.30 ea

Parsley Curly (bunch)

$3.99 ea

Parmesan - Cheese - Millel (160-220g)

$6.82 ea

Parmesan - Parmigiano Cheese - Reggiano (270-330g)

$17.49 ea

Himalayan Salt Ground 300g

$4.99 ea

Garlic Organic (head)

$5.60 ea