Badlands Brewery New World Pilsener 6 x 355ml

$29.99 ea

Badlands Brewery - New World Pilsener

Celebrate this royal marriage! Hailing from a wine region and socialising with wine-maker friends was bound to rub off on my beer making one day. A NZ-hopped Czech-style Pils brewed with European Pilsener malt and a classic bottom-fermenting lager yeast. If Pilsener is the king of beers, then I believe that Nelson Sauvin are the queen of hops (The one hop to rule them all!). Grown in the same valley in the South Island of NZ famous for Marlborough Sauvignon Blancs, Nelson Sauvin has similar flavours to the grape variety from which it takes its name. Nettle, gooseberry and elderflower aromatics are prominent in this spritzy, slightly bitter pilsener. Perfect with seafood, bbq, fresh air, best mates and sunshine. ABV 5.3%

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