Margarita Granita


granita recipe

granita recipe

granita recipe

Zesty and fresh, this granita is perfect to finish off a meal with or to use as a cocktail base next time you have guests over. The sweet and slightly salty ice cold citrus hit is heaven after a hot and spicy Mexican feast this Cinco de Mayo.



  1. Place water and sugar into a bowl and stir until sugar is dissolved.
  2. Add it to a blender. Add limes, orange and salt. Blend until smooth. Add mint and pulse until chopped finely.
  3. Pour mixture into a brownie pan and place into the freezer for one hour.
  4. After one hour, use a fork to pull the frozen edges into the middle of the pan and smooth out again. Replace into freezer for at least 3-4 hours. 
  5. When ready to serve, use a fork to grate the granita up. Fill cups with granita and add a splash of tequila if you like. Or keep it virgin and garnish with mint and lime zest.


Recipe by Naturally Nutritious.

Ingredients for Margarita Granita

Limes (each)

$4.18 ea

Limes (min 500g net)

$3.49 ea

Oranges Valencia (each)

$1.42 ea

Oranges Navel Large (each)

$1.47 ea

Golden Shore Caster Sugar (1kg)

$2.59 ea

Mint (bunch)

$2.99 ea

Maldon - Sea Salt Flakes (240g)

$9.49 ea

Spice & Co (180g) Sea Salt

$2.99 ea