Orange Imperfect Navel Each

$0.45 ea
  • Orange Imperfect Navel Each
  • Orange Imperfect Navel Each
  • Oranges Navel Imperfect Pick Value Range (min 500g) , S07H-Fruit - HFM, Harris Farm Markets

Navel Oranges Imperfect Pick


We’ve all suffered through a spotty day or two, so we know it’s only skin deep. These frost bitten navels are out of the Riverina district’s bumper season and are super sweet on the inside. Perfect for juicing.

Navel Oranges have thicker skin and are easy to peel. Their sections peel apart easily, and they have a sweet, juicy flesh bursting with citrus flavour. They are perfect on their own as a snack or juice them for some fresh juice. They provide a good source of vitamin C and a useful source of folic acid and dietary fibre.

IMPERFECT PICKS is our seasonal range of fruit and vegetables that might not look perfect from the outside, but are as perfect as ever on the inside. IMPERFECT PICKS helps reduce the astonishing statistic that 25% of farmers crops currently never leave the farm gate simply because they are a bit ugly, and do not meet the visual specifications of some consumers and supermarkets (Horticulture Australia).This means that every time you buy an IMPERFECT PICK you will be helping us take more of the farmer’s crops, helping reduce food wastage, and most importantly saving up to 50%.


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