Spring Wellness Organic Sprouted Seed Original 960g

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Spring Wellness


These breads are lovingly hand-crafted and slow baked over 3-4 hours at low temperatures to retain the benefits of the nutrients. Our loaves are also made of 100% natural and organic ingredients and vegan.

Our famous Sprouted Seed Breads are gluten free and the seeds have been cultured and fermented using coconut kefir. The sprouting, fermenting and low-temperature baking process takes four days. The breads are  slow baked over 3-4 hours at low temperatures to retain the benefits of the nutrient-dense ingredients.

No compromise is made – all of our ingredients are of the highest quality, certified organic and fresh.

Our breads do NOT contain any flour, are gluten free,  low GI, FODMAP friendly, vegan, low carb, sweetener free, high in dietary fibre and micro-nutrients.

Our breads are also paleo-friendly as the seeds are sprouted to evolve into a vegetable state.

The sprouting and fermenting activates enzymes and increases the bio-availability of the proteins, enzymes, minerals and anti-oxidants and decreases starch and anti-nutrients. These factors result in a product that is incredibly nutritious and digestable even for the many people who are unable to consume normal bread comfortably.


Quinoa, buckwheat and millet mixed with carrot, zucchini, extra virgin coconut oil, sea salt and fresh rosemary.


Spring Wellness Organic Original Sprouted Seed Loaf, Organic. Gluten Free Loaf


Slow cooked below 110°

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