Fortunato No.4 Milk Chocolate 100g

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  • Fortunato No.4 Milk Chocolate | Harris Farm Online
  • Fortunato No.4 Milk Chocolate | Harris Farm Online

Fortunato No.4 47% Cacao Milk Chocolate

  • Genetically certified original Peruvian Nacional
  • No palm oils or trans-fats
  • Gluten free
  • No preservatives added
  • Made from sustainable cacao
  • Farmer families receive premium pricing
  • Refined on original 1879 stone conch rollers

Tasting Notes

  • Good clean snap and gloss (high cacao butter)
  • Soft fruit aromas followed by a balance of light roasted cacao and creamy dairy.
  • Low bitterness for 47% cacao content milk chocolate (due to white beans) and a slight hint of sodium. The words "perfect balance" spring to mind.


  • Chocolate from unique bean certified "REAL" Nacional
  • Fortunato No4 has been scientifically proven to be genetically purer then other varieties marketed as Nacional
  • Slow growing variety of sustainable cacao
  • Chocolate produced on old method conching roller
  • No cacao powders (no chalkiness), no palm oil or trans-fats used in the manufacturing


This product is exclusively available during the Easter period.

Offer subject to availability & while stocks last

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