Alka Power - Alkaline Water (1.5L)

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Alka Power

Product Claims

Alka Product Inc Gurantee 9-10 Ph


Alka power Sport Purified water with ionic minerals added for alkalinity. Improve your performance and endurance with ultra-fast hydration when you need it most. What makes Alka Power better? Alka Power purifies and enhances its water through our patented 7-step process that removes impurities including trace chemicals, pharmaceuticals heavy metals, bacteria, viruses and all other substances greater than .0001 microns. Alka Power then infuses this ultra pure water with all natural ionic calcium, magnesium , trace sodium and potassium which gives Alka Power it's unique benefits and a clean refreshing taste. - Ultimate hydration - Clean Refreshing Taste - Absolute Purity - Stable Alkalinity pH (9-10) - Ionic Calcium infused for maximum absorption Delivering premium water to enhance health & spirit on a Global level


Alka Power purified water with ionic minerals added for Alkalinity Ultimate Hydration pH 9-10 Sport 1.5L

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