Mulloon Creek Biodynamic Pasture Raised Organic Eggs x6 350g

$7.99 ea
  • Mulloon Creek Organic Eggs | Harris Farm Online
  • Mulloon Creek Organic Eggs | Harris Farm Online

Mulloon Creek Organic Eggs

  • High quality, pasture raised eggs laid by our free-ranging hens
  • Free to roam daily, foraging for beetles, worms and grasses in our pastures
  • We are accredited as 'True Free Range' with Humane Choice and Biodynamic

Nutrition & Health Benefits

Our eggs are Organic and our farms are accredited as ‘True Free Range’ with Humane Choice.

People who buy our eggs usually care about their health and want nutrient dense food that tastes great. They also care about animal welfare and sustainability and the prestige that comes from buying a quality product.

When we discovered that nutritional labels on egg cartons only analyse the prepared feed and completely ignore the foraged food we decided to investigate further. 

We had our eggs analysed by an independent Australian Government authority and found super high Omega 3 levels and better Omega 3:6 ratios than most other eggs. This is due to the diversity of bugs, insects and plants our hens are able to eat in our biodynamic pastures, and its the plants they eat (including weeds) that give the yolks a super yellow colour.

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