Cocktail Kit - Aperol Spritz

Cocktail Kit - Aperol Spritz

$60.00 ea

Create the perfect Aperol Spritz with this cocktail kit from Harris Farm.

The Aperol Spritz kit includes:

Aperol Aperitif x 1 700 mL
Cielo 'Love Story' Prosecco DOC x 1 bottle
Capi Sparkling mineral water 4 x 200ml
Grapefruit x 1
Strawberry Punnet x 1
Thyme Each x 1

You'll need:
glassware (wine glass or rocks glass)

Aperol + Strawberry Spritz


2-4 Strawberries | Hulled, Quartered
30ml Aperol
Cielo Love Story Prosecco
Capi Sparkling soda
Grapefruit | Thyme

Start building your cocktail with ice first, and then dump in your Strawberries & Aperol. After a good stir, add the 'Love Story' Prosecco to add SPRITZ, topping with soda water until the desired taste is achieved. Finally, freshen it up with a sliced grapefruit or thyme garnish. 
Enjoy responsibly.