Chateau Laballe Bas Armagnac 1998 700ml

$190.00 ea

Château Laballe Bas Armagnac 1998 

The great spirit of Gascony has been made in this part of south-west France for at least seven centuries, predating Cognac--which is made in the Charente Valley three hours to the north--by a century and a half. And yet, while the global appreciation of this rural spirit has long lagged behind its urbane (and well-marketed) cousin, Cyril Laudet and his wife Julie are here to ensure that Armagnac is no longer content to quietly sit by and play second fiddle.

Located at the edge of the great Landes forest (France's largest) and Gers river, Château Laballe lies in the village Parleboscq, part of the Bas Armagnac terroir. Château Laballe's founder, Jean-Dominique Laudet, purchased the Domaine back in 1820. After a career in the spice trade, Jean-Dominique's dream was to settle down in the country and produce France's oldest spirit. Today, Cyril and Julie are the 8th generation to continue the family tradition, and are determined to galvanise their ancient Estate, without sacrificing its enduring connection to the past. And they're off to a flyer.

This terroir-expressive vintage, composed of 100% Ugni Blanc from the sandy soils of Bas Armagnac has provided us with a spirit that reminds us that regional and seasonal nuance are just as worthy in spirits as in wines. The colour is bright, a beautiful old gold. The generous bouquet is redolent of candied orange, citrus, praline, menthol and coconut milk notes. In the mouth, it's fresh and long; remarkably structured around a mineral sensation combined with the trademark exotic notes of the Domaine.

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