Beerenberg - Paste - Fig & Pomegranate (190g)

$4.49 ea
  • Beerenberg - Paste - Fig & Pomegranate (190g)
  • Beerenberg - Paste - Fig & Pomegranate (190g)

Beerenberg - Paste - Fig & Pomegranate perfect with blue Cheese

Perfect with blue cheese.
Lovingly tested by an unusually large group of volunteers...Something strange happened when we asked our family and friends to help us test a new condiment perfectly matched to blue cheese - we found out we had a lot more family and friends than we realised!

A NEW condiment for cheese, this delicious pot of goodness is a must-have for your cheeseboard.  But it’s not alone.  Available in four mouth-watering flavours, you’ll also want to try: -

Blood Orange & Whisky

Beetroot & Orange

Quince & Pear



Fig (33%), Raw Sugar, White Sugar, Water, Pomegranate Molasses (3%), Cornflour, Apple Extract, Pectin, Citric Acid.


Refrigerate after opening

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