Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue Cheese 120g

$7.99 ea
  • Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue Cheese 120g
  • Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue Cheese 120g

Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue Cheese (120g)

Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue offers an indulgent rich and creamy texture, complemented by a sweet balanced blue flavour. The traditional style blue cheese has distinctive marbling which is the result of being matured in wax before being cut into wedges. Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue is loved by cheese connoisseurs and novices alike.

Serving Suggestions

Tasmanian Heritage Classic Blue should be savoured with pears, grapes, walnuts or fresh figs and sourdough bread or oaten biscuits.

Due to its great melting properties, it is also outstanding in pasta sauces and omelettes or crumbled over baked potatoes.

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