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Mediterranean Fruit And Veg Box

$75.00 ea

Bring a taste of the Mediterranean to your cooking. You'll get the best value in this perfectly selected offering of the freshest antioxidant-rich produce. Create delicious Mediterranean salads, veggie bakes, pizzas or pasta dishes with this curated box.


5 Truss Tomatoes
2 Black Zucchini
3 Spanish Onions
4 Oranges
500g Beans
200g Mushrooms Button
1 Eggplant
1 Red Capsicum
1 Green Capsicum
2 Lebanese Cucumber
1 Iceberg Lettuce
1 Fennel
1 Leek
2 Lemon Imperfect
1 Basil Bunch
10g Oregano
1 Garlic Head


 *The Box pictured is for illustration purposes and may contain different/varying products due to seasonal variations & current market availability. 




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