King Island Dairy Phoques Cove Camembert Cheese 200-350g

$10.50 ea

King Island Phoques Cove Camembert

Phoques Cove Camembert

Phoques Cove Camembert is a mild, buttery Brie made using traditional techniques. It is named after the cove located on the north-western tip of King Island.

Did you know? Although similar to Brie, Camembert was popularised in the village of Camembert in Normandy, France and was first made in a small round, whereas Brie was made in a larger wheel.

Top Tip: Perfect served with leg ham or smoked salmon and crusty baguette.  Also try it with fresh strawberries, nectarines and fruit bread.

Please Note

This product is variable weight. The actual weight of the product can vary between the weights shown.

When you place your order you will be charged the price of the upper weight, however when your order is picked we will update the actual weight and price and refund any discrepancies.

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