Goat Cheese - Plain (125g) Merci French

$6.99 ea

Goat Cheese - Merci French Plain (125g) 

The fresh mini goat cheese 125g log under shell has a fine and delicate texture with a mild goat flavour.

It is presented in a plastic shell : this protective atmosphere packaging which guarantees a constant level of quality. The cheese can be sliced directly on its own tray.

Plain goat cheese log under shell 125g
Uses : Cold on cheeseboard, or hot on a toast

NUTRITIONAL VALUES PER 100G :Energy : 1020.8kJ / 245.8Kcal | Fat : 19.0g | of which saturates : 13.3g | Carbohydrates : 2.2g | of which sugar :2.2g | Proteins 16.5g | Salt : 1.5g | Allergens : milk

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