Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Harris Farm


As always as we approach Christmas we see huge variations in the quantities of various fruits. Torrential rain in Central Queensland will effect any product from this area, the most notable of which is seedless watermelon and grapes. Both these were set to be oversupplied but that is no longer the case. Peaches and nectarines remain the good story and the start of the good eating plums is now with us. Of these I think the Purple Majesty plums are probably as good as it gets for a before Christmas plum. Cherries are still very good but they too have had rain on them and will not keep as well as they have been keeping. Don't try to store them there will be enough cherries here for Christmas. As happens every year the week before Christmas sees most berries at bargain prices. Where next week exactly the same amount of berries will double in price as demand doubles or even trebles over the holiday period. Bananas continue to fall in price and the best supplied mango continues to be the R2E2.


Undoubtedly the vegetable bargain of the week is our kestrel chat potatoes at an unbelievable price. The quality is superb and correctly stored these will fit the bill for Christmas day. Most of the tomatoes will be dearer next week and I would also recommend putting these aside for Christmas especially the punnet lines. Other bargains in Lebanese cucumbers and net red capsicums are sensational value but best bought fresh in Christmas week. Snow Peas and lettuce are very reasonable, so at this stage salads remain an extremely good value alternative. 

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Harris Farm

Now's the week to stock up on your Kestrel chat potatoes for Christmas. They are at fantastic price this week at the farm and if kept cool will keep perfectly well in the cupboard or my preferred choice the fridge vegetable crisper till Christmas day. Kestrel’s have become popular of recent times, due to their versatility in cooking and great taste. It mashes smooth and has good texture after microwaving, they’re also excellent for roasting and frying. Kestrel Potatoes are an amazing nutrient dense food, low in calories and naturally low in fat. Bursting with vitamins and minerals, containing absolutely no cholesterol and when served with their skins, are a great source of fibre. Look out for these purple eyed beauties in store today.

How to Pick

Pick spuds that feel firm and heavy. Kestrel’s naturally have purple eyes, make sure you avoid those with sprouting eyes, or green discolouration. For even cooking, choose potatoes that are similar in size.

How to Store

Store potatoes in a cool, dry place away from light - the kitchen cupboard is ideal 

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